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Completing Orchestrator integration and finalizing a runbook
8. Click the Optional Properties button to add the published data to include user alias,
first name, last name, and password. Subscribe to published data using the values in
Table 8-2 to finalize all the properties. Click Finish after the data is entered.
TABLE 8-2 Values to complete the Orchestrator properties and subscription
to the data bus
Common Name
Published Data
Common Name
First Name
Last Name
(any strong password)
9. Now you need to configure the Enable User icon properties. Double-click the Enable
User icon and connect to a domain controller. In the Distinguished Name box,
rightclick Subscribe and select Distinguished Name from the Create User icon. This data
is passed automatically because of the integration with Active Directory through the
System Center Orchestrator Active Directory Integration Pack.
10. On the Run .Net Script activity, right-click and rename the activity Run DirSync. With
this Run DirSync activity, you need to run the DirSync Windows PowerShell script.
11. Double-click the Run DirSync icon and use the ellipses to the right of Type to select
PowerShell, as shown in Figure 8-22.
Figure 8-22 Orchestrator Run .Net Script Properties for Windows PowerShell.
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