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Creating a runbook automation activity template
Creating a runbook automation activity template
The second step in the automation process is creating a runbook automation template. The
workflow in Service Manager includes creating workflow through templates that provide
internal integration through required steps and publishes the request into the Self-Service
Portal. Follow these steps to create the activity template:
1. Log on to the Service Manager console. Click the Administration workspace, select
Connectors, click the Orchestrator connector, and then click Run Synchronization now
in the Tasks pane. You recently changed some of the activities in the runbook, and
this manual synchronization exposes the most current changes from the Orchestrator
runbook to Service Manager.
Note Orchestrator runbook does not display updates
As you modify runbooks for testing, the process to check out, edit, and check in
might sometimes expose a few minor changes you completed that the Runbook
Designer did not update in the Orchestrator database. This is because of a known
SQL cache issue. You might not notice this until you create the automation
activity template. If you encounter this problem, correct it by opening the SQL Server
Management Studio console and connecting to the computer running SQL Server
that is hosting the System Center Orchestrator database. Select the Orchestrator
database, click New Query, type the following query, and then run it:
TRUNCATE TABLE [Microsoft.SystemCenter.Orchestrator.Internal].Authoriza-
EXEC [Microsoft.SystemCenter.Orchestrator.Maintenance].[EnqueueRecurrent-
Task] @taskName = ‘ClearAuthorizationCache’
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