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Creating a runbook automation activity template
2. In the Service Manager console, click the Library workspace, expand the library, click
Runbooks, and then select the runbook created earlier, New Office 365 Account
1.0. If the status is Invalid, simply delete the runbook from the Tasks pane and
synchronize the Orchestrator connector again. Select the runbook with a single click
of the mouse. From the Action pane, as shown in Figure 8-25, click Create Runbook
Automation Activity Template.
Figure 8-25 Create Runbook Automation Activity Template Wizard in Service Manager.
3. In the Create Template dialog box, provide a name, description, and class. Create a
new management pack (MP) to save the information to. Use the data in Table 8-3 to
create the new runbook first, using the New button on the side of the management
pack prompt. Click OK to continue.
TABLE 8-3 Configuration details to complete the Service Manager
management pack creation
New Office 365 Account MP
Office 365 automation service offering Management Pack
4. Use the data in Table 8-4 to create a new automation activity template. Enter the
name and description, and then click OK to start the next step of the wizard. Figure
8-26 shows the results of this step.
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