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Chapter 9: Windows PowerShell for Office 365
Windows PowerShell for Office 365
Windows PowerShell underlying services ........... 395
Preparing the Windows PowerShell environment ..... 396
Windows PowerShell as the future interface ......... 405
Windows PowerShell Integrated
Scripting Environment ............................ 406
Office 365 examples and exercises ................. 414
Windows PowerShell underlying services
Office 365 is designed for the enterprise. As such, there are many capabilities and
features of the service that are geared towards enterprise requirements. Following
are a few examples of common characteristics that differentiate an enterprise from
the consumer:
Size and complexity
Compliance and regulatory requirements
Management strategy, centralized or de-centralized
Windows PowerShell was introduced to specifically address automation and management
issues because provisioning and managing users for more than a few identities can quickly
become demanding for large or complex organizations. Windows PowerShell provides
administrators with a more efficient and reliable way to deliver services in a predictable and
repeatable fashion, thereby delivering services in a much shorter time. For example, if a
bulk configuration change needs to happen for a large portion of the organization,
manually effecting those changes would take significant time and effort and would be prone to
This chapter is designed to help enterprises automate mundane administrative tasks for
Office 365 as well as on-premises technologies that Office 365 relies upon, such as AD and
AD FS. What are some of the things we can do with Windows PowerShell for Office 365?
For many organizations, this begins with deployment, migration, administration and
monitoring of Office 365 services. In this chapter, we will explore the main tasks of Office 365
services that can be managed with Windows PowerShell.
The easiest way to learn Windows PowerShell is through hands-on practice, which is how
we present the material in this chapter. The exercises and examples in this chapter
introduce Windows PowerShell commands that are specific to Office 365.
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