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Foundational planning and remediation tasks
Foundational planning and remediation tasks
Foundational planning refers to the initial steps we need to take to ensure that Office 365
services will work properly. Remediation tasks refer to tasks we need to complete to avoid
the degradation of the end-user experience or IT administrator experience with the
services. Foundational planning and remediation tasks are common requirements that affect
all services.
A good example of a foundational issue you must address is whether you have enough
network bandwidth to support an Office 365 initiative. Another example is Identity
Management because you need to know how users will be managed. How does Office 365 make
use of information in AD? If your organization is not using AD, what are your user
management options in Office 365? Is AD healthy and ready for Office 365? These are all questions
that need to be answered during the planning and evaluation phase. As you can see, this is
independent of the type of service you want to use in Office 365.
Service-specific planning and remediation tasks
Because Office 365 is a suite of tools—Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online,
and Office Professional Plus Subscription—there are tasks we need to perform from a
planning perspective that are specific and unique to each service. Thus, as the name implies,
service-specific planning and remediation tasks pertain to specific Office 365 services.
For example, if a user mailbox is migrated from the on-premises Exchange email server
to Office 365 Exchange Online, will the user still be able to see the free and busy times
of others whose mailboxes might still reside in the on-premises Exchange email server?
If users have non-Windows mobile devices, will they be able to use the new Lync Online
communication capabilities that come with the Office 365 suite the company is planning
to purchase? These questions are all service related, and while they might span across
multiple services and are just as important, they are not considered part of the foundational
Office 365 planning, deployment, and troubleshooting
Microsoft and third-party vendors make a number of tools available to enterprise
customers. The following list shows the common tools you can use:
Office 365 Service Descriptions
Office 365 Deployment Guide
Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Readiness Toolkit
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