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Connecting Windows PowerShell to the Office 365 service
INSIDE OUT Customizing the Windows PowerShell user interface
You can customize the font size and color in Windows PowerShell. This ability might
help you visualize the text better or reduce eye fatigue. To change the font color, start
Windows PowerShell as an administrator. Right-click the icon at the upper left of the
window and select Properties. Click the Font tab and change the color or size of the text.
Connecting Windows PowerShell to the Office 365 service
Now that you have Windows PowerShell and WinRM properly configured for your
administrator workstation, you are ready to connect with Office 365 and start using Windows
PowerShell to manage your tenant. Before we begin, let us cover some relevant concepts
and terminology.
The Windows PowerShell on your local administrator workstation is called the client-side
session . The client-side session has only the basic Windows PowerShell commands available.
When we connect to the cloud-based services, we are connecting to the server-side session
in the server environment. Once connected, we can leverage the Windows PowerShell
commands used in the Office 365 server-side session with a few easy steps.
Follow these steps to establish connection with Exchange Online in Office 365:
1. Start Windows PowerShell.
2. Type the following command and press Enter:
$LiveCred = Get-Credential
3. You will see a logon prompt, as shown in Figure 9-9. Provide your Office 365
administrator credentials.
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