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Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment
the scenes, and in most cases the GUIs today also expose the Windows PowerShell scripts
they are running in the back end. The next time you use a Microsoft wizard, such as the
Setup Wizard, look at the progress screen. Often, the Windows PowerShell scripts are being
exposed so you know what the GUI is doing. This is one way that Microsoft is helping
customers with the transition to Windows PowerShell.
Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment
So far, you have been using the Windows PowerShell Command Prompt window. While
efficient, the Command Prompt window is not very user friendly. To help improve the
Windows PowerShell scripting experience, Microsoft provides a powerful Integrated Scripting
Environment (ISE). In Chapter 2, we showed you how to download and install Windows
PowerShell ISE 3.0 for Windows 7. ISE 3.0 comes with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
The ISE is a graphical scripting console that comes with Intellisense, comprehensive Help
files, multi-tabbed windows, and a pleasant authoring environment. It supports the same
Windows PowerShell cmdlets for Office 365 and recognizes all the Windows PowerShell
keyboard shortcuts. You can also set breakpoints by right-clicking a line of code for
debugging. Figure 9-12 shows the ISE.
Figure 9-12 The Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE).
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