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Starting the ISE from Windows 8
Starting the Windows PowerShell ISE is easy after you know exactly where to find the
application. The following sections show you the different ways to locate and start the ISE.
Starting the ISE from Windows 8
If your administrator workstation is Windows 8, follow these steps to start the ISE:
1. From the Start screen in the Windows 8 Enterprise workstation, type Windows
PowerShell ISE . Windows should find the ISE, as shown in Figure 9-13.
Figure 9-13 Windows PowerShell ISE in Windows 8.
2. Right-click the Windows PowerShell ISE icon and select Run as administrator at the
bottom of the screen. Click Yes if prompted to continue by UAC.
3. Consider pinning the ISE to the Windows Start menu so you do not have to search
for it all the time.
Starting the ISE from within Windows PowerShell
If you already have the Windows PowerShell Command Prompt window open, you can start
the ISE simply by entering the following command:
Start-Process PowerShell_ISE -Verb RunAs
Starting the ISE from Windows 7
If you are running Windows 7, follow these steps to start the ISE:
1. Click Start and type Windows PowerShell ISE in the search box.
2. Right-click Windows PowerShell ISE and select Run as administrator.
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