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Office 365 Deployment Guide
Do you get charged for shared and resource mailboxes?
Can you federate Lync Online with other solutions?
How do you manage Office Professional Plus Subscription licenses?
What is the difference between Plan 1 and Plan 2?
What is E-Suite versus Kiosk?
These questions represent just a small sampling of the valuable information found in the
Service Descriptions. Another important point to make is that the Service Descriptions are
considered the authoritative source of Office 365 capabilities, and they are updated on a
regular basis.
You can download the Office 365 Service Descriptions at
en-us/download/details.aspx?id=13602 in Microsoft Word and PDF formats.
Keep the Service Descriptions close to you
You will be surprised by how many questions we are able to answer just by referring to
the Service Descriptions. As consultants and architects, we carry them with us on our
Surface and other electronic devices. They are our top reference materials.
Office 365 Deployment Guide
The Office 365 Deployment Guide is a very useful resource that organizes all the project
planning information and tools available. It provides high-level guidance on tasks and the
recommended order, phases, and best practices. Since being migrated to an online resource
at , it has become more effective
as a planning tool because it is easy to navigate within the document.
One valuable use of the Office 365 Deployment Guide is the guidance on the different
types of deployment models. For example, if you are going to deploy a hybrid Exchange
environment, there are prescriptive guidelines on how you should approach such a project.
If you have to migrate from Lotus Notes to Exchange Online, there is targeted information
pertaining to this type of project. Therefore, if you have a good idea about how your Office
365 project might look, you should start by reviewing the Deployment Guide for specifics
pertaining to your type of requirements. Or, if you are uncertain about the requirements for
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