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Viewing groups
3. To change the user’s time zone, enter the following command. In this example, we
will change the time zone for user
Set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration -Identity Anthony@ContosoFitness.onMicrosoft.
com -TimeZone "Pacific Standard Time"
Viewing groups
Getting a list of groups in Office 365 is another common administrative task. Follow these
steps to list all the available groups:
1. Establish a PSSession if you do not already have one.
2. Enter the following command to generate a list of roles. Your result should be similar
to the screen shot shown in Figure 9-28:
Figure 9-28 Show distribution groups using the Get-Group cmdlet.
Creating distribution groups
Creating a new Exchange distribution group requires additional information. In this
exercise, you will see how the ISE can help you with the Windows PowerShell syntax by
leveraging Intellisense. Follow these steps to create a new distribution group:
1. If the Command Add-on pane is not visible, enable it.
2. In the Name field, begin typing the command New-DistributionGroup , as shown in
Figure 9-29. Notice that before you finish typing the command, the ISE will display
the correct command.
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