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Creating retention policies
Figure 9-34 Results from the Get-RetentionPolicyTag cmdlet entered in the Windows
PowerShell ISE.
Creating retention policies
Before you can create a retention policy, you need to enable customization. Follow these
steps to enable customization and then create retention tags:
1. Start the ISE and establish a PSSession if you do not already have one.
2. At the command prompt, type the following command and press Enter:
You should see a progress bar similar to the progress bar shown in Figure 9-35 as the
customization is being enabled.
Figure 9-35 Progress bar showing customization being enabled.
3. Now create the retention tag using the New-RetentionPolicyTag cmdlet. In this
exercise, we will create a 30-day retention tag to permanently delete items in
the Deleted Items folder that are 30 days old. We will name this retention tag
FitnessTeams-DeletedItems . As you will see in the command, the parameters for
these properties are –Type , -AgeLimitForRetention , and –RetentionAction . Enter the
following command into the ISE console and press Enter:
New-RetentionPolicyTag "FitnessTeams-DeletedItems" -Type DeletedItems
-RetentionEnabled $true -AgeLimitForRetention 30 -RetentionAction
The result from the New-RetentionPolicyTag command should look similar to what is shown
in Figure 9-36.
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