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Creating retention policies
Figure 9-36 Command Pane results after creating a new retention tag.
INSIDE OUT Learn more Office 365 Windows PowerShell cmdlets
As we have stressed throughout the book, Windows PowerShell helps with
automation and is the recommended way to manage Microsoft technologies and platforms.
There are a number of tasks that do not have a user interface alternative because of the
limited amount of screen real estate in a browser or MMC. The exercises covered in this
chapter are only a starting point for Office 365 administration with Windows PowerShell
commands. You should familiarize yourself with the many Office 365 remote Windows
PowerShell commands, which can be found at
For information specific to Exchange 2013 Windows PowerShell commands, see http://
We recommend that you spend more time learning to use more of the Windows
PowerShell commands. One quick way to learn the details of Windows PowerShell is by
exploring the Windows PowerShell Module view in the ISE console. Learn more commands
using Internet Explorer by highlighting a Windows PowerShell command, right-clicking
the command, and searching with Bing, as shown in Figure 9-37. Normally the results,
especially those from TechNet, will provide the Windows PowerShell command details,
syntax, and examples that can be copied and pasted into the ISE console.
Figure 9-37 Quick option to search with Bing to find details and example code for specific
Office 365 and Exchange Online commands on
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