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Multiple service descriptions
In this chapter, we introduce Exchange Online, Forefront Online Protection for Exchange
(FOPE), Exchange Online Archiving (EOA), and the different deployment models. Chapter
11, “Incorporating Exchange Online in the Enterprise” covers planning, deployment, and
administration of Exchange Online in detail.
Multiple service descriptions
Because Exchange Online has so many workloads, unlike the other Office 365 services,
it is described in detail by multiple Service Descriptions. Each Service Description covers
a specific significant workload. The Exchange service is described in these three Service
Microsoft Exchange Online for Enterprises Service Description
Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving Service Description
Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) Service Description
When in doubt
Service Descriptions are the authoritative documents describing the capabilities and
limitations of an Office 365 service. When in doubt or when you need to confirm the
capabilities of a particular service, first read the Service Description. As consultants, we
carry an updated copy of the Service Description whenever we are on site with
customers. As of this writing, the Service Descriptions can be downloaded at http://www.micro- . However, with the release of the latest
version of Office 365, the Service Descriptions have been moved to TechNet. As such,
the Service Descriptions for the new Office 365 are located at
com/en-us/library/jj819284.aspx .
This chapter will highlight only key information from the Service Descriptions. Furthermore,
the capabilities of Office 365 continue to change as technology improves and as Microsoft
responds to market and customer demands. As such, the overview of key capabilities in
the following sections is subject to change. The Service Descriptions will also be updated
accordingly to reflect such changes.
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