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Exchange Online core workloads and concepts
INSIDE OUT Mix and match
Like all the other Office 365 workloads, you can mix and match Exchange Online plans,
unless you acquired Exchange Online as part of a suite. Only one type of Exchange plan
can be assigned to a user, and you can switch a user’s plan without losing Exchange data.
However, if you remove the Exchange Online plan license from a user for an extended
period of time, the mailbox data for the user will be deleted. When a mailbox is deleted,
you have to contact Microsoft Online Support within 30 days if you need the mailbox
and its contents restored. After 30 days have passed, the mailbox and its contents
cannot be recovered. When you change the Exchange Online plan for a user, the changes
take effect immediately. This is important to know because in the event the change is
a downgrade, the user might lose the ability to send or receive email. For example, if
a user who has more than 2 GB of data in the mailbox is downgraded from Exchange
Online Plan 1 to Exchange Online Plan for Kiosk Workers, the new 2 GB limit will take
effect immediately and the overage caused by existing data in the mailbox will result in
the user’s inability to send or receive new messages. However, existing content in the
mailbox will not be affected even though the limit is surpassed.
Exchange Online core workloads and concepts
To better understand Exchange Online, let us first list and define the different core email
Mailboxes and calendaring
Email archiving with EOA
Email handling and transport with FOPE
Email filtering, also with FOPE
Secure email
INSIDE OUT FOPE to be replaced by EOP
With the latest release of Office 365, FOPE is being replaced by Exchange Online
Protection (EOP). The service and SLA provided by EOP is the same as FOPE but the interface is
different and more integrated with the Office 365 admin center. We will look at FOPE in
this chapter and EOP in Chapter 12.
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