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Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Readiness Toolkit
The information that the Deployment Readiness Toolkit gathers might include service-spe-
ciic information. For that reason, we will revisit this tool and cover it in greater detail in the
chapters covering each of the services.
You can download the Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Readiness Toolkit from the
Microsoft Download Center at or from
the Microsoft Office 365 Community website at
forums/183/p/2285/8155.aspx .
After you have downloaded the toolkit, follow these steps:
1. Identify a computer on which you will install the toolkit. The computer must to be
joined to the domain.
2. Copy the downloaded toolkit to the domain-joined computer, unzip the package,
and run the executable (.exe).
3. When the installation is complete, the toolkit will launch your browser and start
analyzing your environment, as shown in Figure 2-2. Depending on the size of AD
and the number of objects, the tool might take some time to gather the required
Figure 2-2 Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Readiness Tool analyzing your environment.
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