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Exchange Online capabilities
between two data centers, which forms the first line of defense against data loss and
service outage. Microsoft relies on backups as a supplemental strategy to recover from data
corruption. As such, backups of Exchange Online data are not designed to respond to
service requests for single-item recovery purposes. However, Exchange Online does have a
single-item recovery feature, which we will cover shortly.
When a user deletes an item, it is stored in the user's Deleted Items folder until it is
removed by the user or by a retention policy. Items deleted from the Deleted Items folder
are stored in a Recoverable Items folder and can be recovered by the user for a period
of 14 days before they are permanently purged from the system. Figure 10-4 shows the
Recover Deleted Items option in the Outlook menu ribbon when the Deleted Items folder is
Figure 10-4 Outlook Folder menu with the Recover Deleted Items option
INSIDE OUT Recovering items
Recoverable items are stored on the server, and you need to be connected to the
Exchange Online service to see items that can be recovered. If you are not connected to
Exchange Online and attempt to see the recoverable items, you will receive a
notification informing you that you need to connect to the server.
As mentioned, items in the Recoverable Items folder can be restored by the user within 14
days. A user can permanently delete items from the Recoverable Items folder by selecting
items and clicking the Delete button, as shown in Figure 10-5.
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