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Layered protection
Capture of at least 98 percent of all spam
False positive commitment of 1 in every 250,000 messages
Email delivery of less than one minute
Figure 10-6 shows the main page of the FOPE administrator console. It provides statistics as
well as announcements related to the FOPE service. In this section, we show the key
capabilities of the FOPE service. Chapter 11 covers FOPE administration in detail, and the FOPE
Service Description covers the service in even greater detail.
Figure 10-6 FOPE Administrator Console
Layered protection
The effectiveness of FOPE is attributed to its use of layered filtering. This is accomplished
through the use of three scan engines with virus and malware strains provided by three
different partners that specialize in anti-virus and anti-malware solutions. FOPE checks with
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