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Figure 10-12 Outlook 2013 with EOA mailbox
As mentioned earlier, prior to EOA, email content was preserved by .pst files or third-party
storage solutions that take content out of the native Exchange mailbox environment. EOA
provides enhanced compliance capabilities by leveraging MRM and Legal Hold capabilities.
The multi-mailbox search capability of Exchange Online can search EOA with the same kind
of granularity and comprehensiveness that applies to primary mailboxes. In the next release
of Exchange Online and EOA, Legal Hold is renamed In-Place Hold and provides greater
granularity in holding content. We cover compliance and discovery in detail in Chapter 11.
Exchange Hosted Encryption
Emails containing sensitive content need special handling so that they are not transmitted
through insecure SMTP. Traditionally, there are two ways to protect such content:
Using a certificate-based solution, such as a private key infrastructure (PKI)
Using a non-certificate-based solution
EHE is a solution that does not require the use of certificates. However, it does require
FOPE email-handling capabilities to identify email content so that the EHE solution can be
invoked. Therefore, FOPE is a prerequisite for EHE.
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