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Exchange Online implementation options
model will have to be established. This is an example of a phased migration and is popular
among large organizations where a cutover migration is not possible.
For some organizations, there might be business requirements, regulatory controls, or just
political drivers that might make a hybrid mailbox configuration a more permanent setup.
This is a more permanent hybrid model than the first scenario. Both the temporary and
permanent hybrid mailbox configurations are fully supported deployment models.
Figure 10-13 shows the high-level depiction of a hybrid mailbox configuration for an
organization named Adatum. A federated relationship between the on-premises Exchange
organization is established with Exchange Online. The mailbox for user A resides on-prem-
ises while the mailbox for user B resides in Exchange Online. Both users continue to benefit
from a single company global address list (GAL), and they are able to see each other's free
and busy times, assuming that the right permissions have been granted. Both users are also
represented to the outside world with an email address ending with
Figure 10-13 High-level graphic representation of a hybrid mailbox configuration
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