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Hybrid archiving model
Hybrid archiving model
Another, less discussed hybrid model is the deployment of only the EOA workload to an
onpremises Exchange implementation. In this scenario, an organization might, for whatever
reason, choose not to move mailboxes to Exchange Online. However, they might consider
just deploying the archiving workload by leveraging EOA.
If our example organization, Adatum, decides to implement archiving in the cloud without
moving mailboxes, their configuration will look something like Figure 10-14.
Figure 10-14 High-level graphic representation of hybrid archiving with EOA
Even though EOA is just one of the workloads in Exchange Online, your organization will
immediately benefit from adopting this small workload, without having to move mailboxes.
For starters, if your organization is struggling with .pst files, EOA is a logical approach for
solving the compliance and security issues associated with .pst files. Your users will also
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