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Hybrid mail protection and routing
benefit from having a personal archive in EOA because they can now access the contents of
their personal archive from multiple computers, including through OWA.
Alternatively, if your organization currently has an in-house, third-party central archival
system for email, there is an opportunity for your organization to save hardware and
licensing cost by implementing EOA. On-premises archival solutions require you to maintain and
upgrade hardware, which at the very least are the hard drives that house the archive data.
As with any enterprise storage solution, it is not just a matter of capacity, but also the need
to ensure on-premises storage solutions are properly backed up and covered by sound
disaster recovery (DR) policies, procedures, and practices. If your current archival system is
a third-party hosted solution, there is still the opportunity to reduce cost and simplify the
management of your IT portfolio by consolidating email and archival into a single solution
Hybrid mail protection and routing
The third hybrid model is another model that does not involve mailbox migration.
Remember we mentioned earlier in the chapter that if your organization has its own on-premises
Exchange implementation, or for that matter any type of email solution, you can acquire a
Forefront-hosted email filtering service known as FOPE as a stand-alone solution.
This model affects only mail-low capabilities by routing inbound or outbound email
through FOPE. Figure 10-15 shows this type of configuration.
Figure 10-15 Hybrid mail protection leveraging FOPE
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