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Rights Management Service
Figure 10-16 DLP templates in the latest version of Exchange Online
You can configure the actions to take for DLP-triggered content. The following are some of
these actions:
Block messages
Force TLS transmission
Allow sender to proceed with sending the message, but log the activity
Furthermore, you can configure different actions on DLP-triggered content depending on
whether the recipients are internal or external.
Rights Management Service
Rights Management Service (RMS) is a Microsoft technology that can be applied to file
systems, SharePoint, and Exchange. Traditionally, RMS is a Windows Server feature, and
onpremises RMS can be deployed to protect on-premises and Office 365 content. In the latest
release of Office 365, a hosted RMS offering is available for use with Exchange Online and
SharePoint Online. Hosted RMS cannot be used to protect content stored on-premises.
RMS for Exchange Online allows the sender to specify how content should be handled to
prevent the unauthorized re-transmission of email.
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