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Chapter 11: Planning and deploying hybrid Exchange
Planning and deploying hybrid
Planning an Exchange hybrid deployment .......... 460
Installing Exchange hybrid deployment
prerequisites .................................... 471
Configuring an Exchange hybrid model ............. 513
Troubleshooting hybrid configuration .............. 534
Finalizing the Exchange hybrid deployment ......... 542
In Chapter 10, “Introducing Exchange Online,” we introduced the capabilities of
Microsoft Exchange Online and the different hybrid models. Based on those models, you can
now design a messaging architecture that involves some or all of Exchange workloads in
various combinations.
To recap, Exchange can be deployed as a fully on-premises solution, completely in Office
365, or as a hybrid. Because this is an Office 365 book, we will not be discussing fully
onpremises Exchange implementations except in the context of a migration. Implementing a
hybrid Exchange environment is an involved process and in some cases is a required
prerequisite for some mailbox migration scenarios. Mailbox migration is covered in Chapter 12,
“Mailbox migration and administering Exchange Online.”
This chapter is a more hands-on chapter where we will walk you through these tasks:
Planning for the hybrid deployment of Exchange
Prerequisites for the hybrid deployment of Exchange
Configuring the hybrid deployment of Exchange:
Exchange hybrid environment
Exchange Online Archiving (EOA)
Mail low
The first task will introduce all the different planning tools as well as factors that might
influence your Exchange Online implementation model. We will also walk you through
preparing the management environment and prerequisites for Exchange in a hybrid model.
In Chapter 12, we will cover mailbox migration options and how to manage Exchange
Online as part of your enterprise. Because Exchange Online is based on Exchange
onpremises technology, administration of the service is very similar between on-premises and
online. This book is not intended to be an exhaustive Exchange administration book as
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