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Using the Exchange Server Deployment Assistant
Online. The checklist recommends that you select a common name (CN) for your
certificate that is the same as the suffix of your organization’s SMTP address. This
certificate cannot be a self-signed certificate. It must be issued by a trusted
thirdparty certificate authority. We will acquire the certificate and bind the services to
the certificate later in this chapter. Click the right arrow on the Configure Exchange
certificates page to proceed to the next page.
14. The last item on the checklist, prior to the actual deployment, is the configuration of
Exchange Web Services (EWS).
The Exchange Server Deployment Assistant is a great resource and provides a very detailed
checklist of tasks. If you are a consultant or field engineer, as you become more and more
familiar with the details of Exchange-related tasks, you can use a quick checklist without
all the details. We have created such a checklist for you in Table 11-3. Notice that one of
the checklist items is to run the Exchange Server Deployment Assistant to confirm that all
required tasks specific to your hybrid Exchange deployment model have been addressed.
TABLE 11-3 Quick checklist
Task description
Completed [Y/N]
Ensure you have an Office 365 tenant provisioned with Exchange
Online as part of the subscription.
Ensure you have Office 365 administration capabilities (at least for
Exchange Online).
Review and understand Exchange hybrid model capabilities.
Identify placement of mailboxes. Take special note of users’ mailboxes
that need to move or stay together.
Install the Exchange 2010 SP3 CAS role if your environment is running
Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2007. Install SP3 if you already have an
existing Exchange 2010 CAS.
Install the Exchange Management Console (EMC) from the Exchange
2010 SP3 package to a workstation if you will be using a workstation
to manage Exchange and/or Exchange Online.
Connect your organization’s Exchange Online tenant to the EMC.
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