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Using the Exchange Server Deployment Assistant
Task description
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Create autodiscover.< Your-Org >.com A or CNAME DNS record.
Configure directory synchronization with write-back capabilities.
Configure AD FS for SSO.
Create a certificate signing request (CSR) and apply it to your Exchange
server. Certificate type = Unified Communication.
Configure Autodiscover on your Exchange server.
Configure Exchange Web Services (EWS) on your Exchange server.
Configure an ofline address book (OAB) on your Exchange server.
Run the Exchange Server Deployment Assistant at ht tp://technet . to
confirm all required tasks.
Test remote mailbox creation.
Test remote mailbox move.
Change MX record (optional depending on hybrid model).
Enable centralized mail transport (optional and for rare compliance
Use Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer (ExRCA) to test mail low
Now that we have an idea of the tasks involved, let us go through the exercise of
implementing an Exchange hybrid environment. These tasks should look familiar to you because
they were identified by the Exchange Server Deployment Assistant.
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