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Network planning and analysis
Figure 2-6 List of .csv files created by the Office 365 Deployment Readiness Tool.
The Office 365 Readiness Toolkit will generate a lot of information. You likely will spend
a significant of time remediating issues and re-running the tool several times until all the
issues have been remediated.
Network planning and analysis
The topic of network requirements is one of the most frequently asked questions whenever
we talk to organizations about Office 365 mainly because of the emphasized dependency
on the Internet for services to be rendered. IT departments often are very concerned about
whether they need to have more bandwidth to deploy Office 365.
Before you sign a long-term contract for an increase in bandwidth, let us set some context
for this topic:
Quality is just as important as quantity. You might have enough bandwidth, but your
network latency might be too high.
You might not need as much bandwidth as you might imagine.
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