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Misconception about distance
Misconception about distance
One misconception about Office 365 is the notion that the nearest data center is still so
far away. While it is easy to think of distance as a factor that inversely affects quality and
latency, it really is less of an issue at the Office 365 level. This is because the Office 365 data
centers are built in strategic locations throughout the world and are placed on Tier 1
networks, also known as the Internet backbone. Tier 1 networks are owned by large
government and private organizations that have either scale or peering agreements in place with
other Tier 1 network providers. Peer Tier 1 networks have direct point-to-point connections,
which is often the case with fiber across countries, oceans, and continents. The Internet
backbone is the fastest connection on the Internet, hence its name.
With Office 365 data centers sitting along the Internet backbone, the moment that network
traffic reaches any point on the backbone, that traffic will take the fastest route to the
nearest Office 365 data center. The slowest link will be from your on-premises gateway, to the
ISP, and from the ISP to the backbone, if the ISP is not already part of the backbone.
For security reasons, Microsoft does not disclose the locations of all its data centers,
although some are commonly known, such as the largest one in Chicago. Figure 2-7
illustrates how the data centers are located along the Internet backbone. However, note that
it is not an accurate representation of the locations or number of data centers throughout
the world. This figure is meant to serve only as a visual representation of the point-to-point,
multiple, redundant connections that constitute the Internet backbone and how the Office
365 data centers are situated along these connections.
Aside from speed, the Internet backbone is also built with redundant connections managed
by algorithms that optimize speed and availability. In other words, the Internet backbone
is capable of self-repairing through re-routing and recovery. Thus, there is redundancy
designed into the Internet backbone and, as a result, Office 365 data centers benefit from
the redundancy as well.
Speed test
Now that we have discussed the importance of network speed (latency) and all the factors
that affect speed, we need a plan to test the speed of your network connection from your
organization to the nearest Office 365 data center.
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