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Misconception about distance
Figure 2-7 Office 365 data centers located along the Internet backbone.
The simplest approach for testing network speed is to use an online tool such as the tool
available at . The problem with some online speed test tools is that
they might not accurately represent your true speed, especially if these tools are provided
by your ISP. For example, if your ISP developed and provided an online speed test tool, it
might invariably yield a higher performance than what you are truly experiencing because
the tool might be measuring your network location to another location owned and
operated by the same ISP. This is akin to measuring an internal network, and of course we hope
that any reputable ISP would at the very least have a snappy internal network!
The pairing of an IP address to a geographical location is known as geolocation. Therefore,
the first step for a more valid test is to determine the geolocation between you and a point
on the Internet backbone that is closest to an Office 365 data center. Next, you can use a
tool that allows you to custom select a point closest to the geolocation of that data center
and run the test. Here are the steps:
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