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Configuring Exchange Web Services
Common warning from the wizard
When you run the Configure External Client Access Domain Wizard, it configures the
required services. However, if you have configured a previous service such as OWA, the
wizard will warn you that the settings have not been modified, as shown in Figure 11-45.
Figure 11-45 Warning that settings are not modified.
Verifying CAS, EWS, OAB, and ActiveSync configuration
The preceding exercise configured your CAS so EWS and the required services are available
externally. Follow these steps to confirm everything has been configured successfully:
1. Start the Exchange Management Shell.
2. Verify that the external URL for EWS has been set by entering the following Windows
PowerShell command. The results should be similar to what is shown in Figure 11-46:
Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory "EWS (Default Web Site)" | Format-Table Name,
Figure 11-46 Windows PowerShell command to verify the external URL of EWS.
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