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Configuring an Exchange hybrid model
Configuring an Exchange hybrid model
One of the greatest advantages about Office 365 is that Microsoft fully embraces hybrid
scenarios. Publicly, the company has announced that all their technology will be designed
β€œfor the cloud first.” This is very evident in the new releases of Exchange and Exchange
Online. Prior to this initiative, configuring an Exchange hybrid environment was a tedious
and manual process. The release of Exchange SP2 made the deployment of an Exchange
hybrid environment with Office 365 a lot simpler. Currently, the release of SP3 is required if
you need to configure a hybrid environment with the latest release of Office 365, which is
based on Exchange 2013 technologies.
Assuming you have completed all the prerequisite tasks we covered earlier in the chapter,
there remain two sets of tasks that need to be accomplished:
● Establishing a hybrid relationship
● Configuring a hybrid deployment
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