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Troubleshooting hybrid configuration
26. To verify that the hybrid configuration works, start an Exchange Management Shell
session and enter the following Windows PowerShell command:
The returned result of a successful configuration is shown in Figure 11-69. Exit the
Windows PowerShell window, and click Finish.
Figure 11-69 Get-HybridConiguration command.
At this point, you have established a federation between your on-premises Exchange
environment with Exchange Online through the Microsoft Federation Gateway for Office 365. If
you do not need to troubleshoot any configuration issues, you can proceed to finalize and
test your hybrid configuration.
Troubleshooting hybrid configuration
There are several common issues that can cause your hybrid configuration efforts to fail.
We will discuss the common ones in this section.
Autodiscover service
A common problem involves the misconiguration of the Autodiscover service and
associated DNS records. To test the Autodiscover service, you should be familiar with the
Microsoft Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer (ExRCA), which we introduced in Chapter 2.
Although this tool began as an online analyzer to troubleshoot Exchange on-premises, it
has evolved into a tool to test Office 365 as well as both Lync Online and Lync on-premises.
You can access the analyzer at .
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