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Troubleshooting hybrid configuration
Figure 11-71 Test results for Autodiscover and certificate validation.
The two most important things to get out of the test are the following:
Autodiscover is tested to be successful.
The certificate validation passed.
If any of these tests fail, you will need to troubleshoot and resolve the issues accordingly.
They might not be the only problems in your configuration, but they would definitely be
issues that are preventing you from completing your hybrid Exchange deployment.
Check your DNS for the proper DNS records. Autodiscover might not be working because
of improperly configured DNS. More commonly, we have seen issues related with split-DNS
environments. In such a situation, the results from ExRCA will need to be verified because
ExRCA is able to resolve Autodiscover as it is using your external DNS. However, your CAS
server might have an internal IP address with Network Address Translation (NAT). As such,
the internal DNS might not have the correct records. Use nslookup from your CAS server to
ensure that Autodiscover is resolving to the correct address.
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