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Virtual directory security settings
INSIDE OUT Certificates
We see a lot of issues related to certificates when working with customers. Some of the
common certificate problems include self-signed certificates, certificates with incorrect
names, certificates without the proper subject alternative names (SANs), and incorrect
certificate types. Remember that you need to have a trusted third-party CA assigned
Unified Communications certificate with the proper Autodiscover records included in
the SANs. Finally, make sure the correct certificate is bound to the correct services. It is
also not uncommon for you to have the correct certificate, but the services are bound to
a different certificate that is already in your system. That is why we used Unified
Communication as part of the friendly name of the certificate so we can easily identify and
verify the correct certificate to use.
Virtual directory security settings
The virtual directory settings might sometimes cause the hybrid setup to fail. You might
encounter this when the Hybrid Configuration Wizard tries to update the hybrid
configuration. You might get an error message similar to the one shown in Figure 11-72.
Figure 11-72 Error updating hybrid configuration.
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