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Resetting the Autodiscover virtual directory
4. Enter the Get-FederationInformation command again. The 401 and 403 errors should
be resolved. A successful resolution should produce results similar to the window
shown in Figure 11-74.
Figure 11-74 Successful execution of Get-FederationInformation .
5. Return to the Hybrid Configuration Wizard and have it complete the
configuration again. This time, the wizard should be able to complete the
UpdateHybridConiguration cmdlet in the final step, and you should see a window similar to
the one shown in Figure 11-69.
Resetting the Autodiscover virtual directory
In some cases, there might be problems with your Autodiscover virtual directory due to
incorrect parameters or corruption. Resetting the Autodiscover virtual directory involves a
process that will delete the current virtual directory and recreate it with default settings.
Follow these steps if you determined that you need to reset the Autodiscover virtual
1. Start the EMC and connect to your CAS server.
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