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Finalizing the Exchange hybrid deployment
Notice the Windows PowerShell cmdlets exposed by the Reset Client Virtual
Directory Wizard: Get-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory , Remote-AutodiscoverVirtualDirec-
tory , and New-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory . This is an example of Microsoft MMCs
and GUIs showing the Windows PowerShell commands so you can write scripts to
automate administrative tasks.
6. After the Autodiscover virtual directory is successfully reset, you need to reset IIS by
entering the following command:
iisreset /noforce
7. You will also need to set the virtual directory security settings. Open the Exchange
Management Shell and enter the following command:
Set-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory –Identity 'autodiscover (Default Web Site)' –
WSSecurityAuthentication $true
Finalizing the Exchange hybrid deployment
At this point, you are ready to start using your Exchange hybrid environment. The final
tasks involve the testing of mailbox operations:
Testing mailbox creation
Testing mailbox move
Changing an MX record to affect mail low
Testing a mailbox creation
Before we start bulk creations of mailboxes, we need to create a single test mailbox. In this
exercise, you will create a test mailbox to confirm the ability to do so in our new hybrid
configuration. You will use the EMC to create a new mailbox with the New Remote Mailbox
Wizard. Follow these steps to create a test mailbox:
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