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Testing a mailbox move
7. Even though the new remote mailbox was successfully created, as reported by the
New Remote Mailbox Wizard, if you go to your Office 365 admin center at this point,
you will not see the mailbox. The mailbox will appear after the next synchronization.
Unless you changed the frequency for which DirSync runs, it is three hours by default.
You can force directory synchronization to occur immediately by going to the
DirSync server, navigating to C:\program files\Microsoft Online Directory Sync, and
starting DirSyncConigShell.psc1. Next, enter the following command:
8. Log on to your Office 365 admin center and access your Exchange Online
administration page. You should see the new mailbox in the tenant.
9. Finally, you need to assign this user an Office 365 license. If you navigate to the User
Administration portal page and click the user name, you will notice that the user
does not have a license assigned. You need to assign at least an Exchange Online
license to this user.
Testing a mailbox move
In this test, you are ensuring the proper configuration of your hybrid configuration by
testing the migration of an existing on-premises mailbox to your Office 365 Exchange Online
tenant. This test is a prerequisite for bulk mailbox migration, which is covered in Chapter
12. Follow these steps to move one or more mailboxes:
1. Because DirSync and AD FS are prerequisites for an Exchange hybrid environment,
the user whose mailbox you want to move should already be synchronized with
Office 365. Log on to your Office 365 admin center and assign the user account with
an Exchange Online license. Alternatively, you can use Windows PowerShell to assign
the license.
2. Start the EMC.
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