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Testing a mailbox move
9. You can track the progress of the mailbox move in the EMC. Expand the Office 365
node, and then expand Recipient Configuration. Click Move Request. The mailboxes
for which you have initiated a move request, along with their statuses, will be listed
on the main pane, as shown in Figure 11-89. The status of the move request for a
mailbox is listed as Moving when it is in progress and Completed when it is done. If
there are errors, the status might be Failed or Completed with Errors.
Figure 11-89 Checking mailbox move requests.
10. After a move request is completed, as indicated in the EMC, you need to clear the
In-Transit lag. This is done by selecting the Clear Move Request action on the Action
pane, as shown in Figure 11-89.
11. Click Yes to confirm clearing of the move request.
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