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Testing a mailbox move
The email routing settings for mailboxes you created and mailboxes you moved should
have the same < Domain > routing email address. Inbound mail low
is shown in Figure 11-91.
Figure 11-91 Inbound mail low.
In this configuration, we have outbound emails from the Office 365 mailbox go directly to
the destination even though inbound emails go through the on-premises Exchange server.
However, if needed, we can configure outbound emails to also go through the on-premises
Exchange server.
Before proceeding, you should test mail low to make sure inbound and outbound mail
is working. You can use the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer or just exchange test
emails from an external mail service such as Hotmail. Make sure to test both on-premises
mailboxes as well as online mailboxes. Send emails between on-premises mailboxes and
online mailboxes as well.
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