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To see the current hybrid mail low settings for your environment, enter the following
command without any parameters:
Get-HybridMailFlow will return a list of configuration information. Included in the list is
CentralizedTransportEnabled , as shown in Figure 11-95.
Figure 11-95 Information returned by the Get-HybridMailFlow cmdlet.
Figure 11-95 confirms the default settings for secure mail and centralized mail transport.
Secure mail is the TLS connection between your on-premises Exchange and Exchange
Online, which is enabled by default, while centralized mail transport is not enabled. If you
need to enable centralized mail transport, enter the following command:
Set-HybridMailFlow –CentralizedTransportEnabled $True
To disable centralized mail transport, enter the following command:
Set-HybridMailFlow –CentralizedTransportEnabled $False
Use the Get-HyrbirdMailFlow cmdlet before and after each time you make changes to your
Exchange Online is the most complex service in Office 365 to implement. This is because of
the many implementation models and the different components that can be implemented
independently. As we saw in Chapter 10, the other services are covered under a single
Service Description, whereas Exchange Online workloads are covered by four Service
Descriptions: Exchange Online, Exchange Online Archive (EOA), Exchange Online Protection (EOP),
and Exchange Hosted Encryption (EHE).
Now that we have implemented Exchange Online, in the next chapter we will show you
how to migrate mailboxes and subsequently manage the different Exchange workloads.
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