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Chapter 12: Mailbox migration and administering Exchange Online
Mailbox migration and administering
Exchange Online
Mailbox migration options ........................ 565
Moving mailboxes back to on-premises Exchange .... 603
Decommissioning on-premises Exchange ........... 607
Administering Exchange Online .................... 608
Compliance, Legal Hold, and eDiscovery concepts ... 621
In Chapter 10, “Introducing Exchange Online,” we covered the different models of
deploying Exchange Online, and in Chapter 11, “Planning and deploying hybrid
Exchange,” we implemented an Exchange Online hybrid environment. We also
performed tests to confirm key mailbox operations.
Now that you have incorporated Exchange Online in your environment, it is time to discuss
mailbox migration options and administering the different messaging workloads. As we
mentioned before, this topic is about Office 365, so we will focus only on Exchange Online
and hybrid administration topics in this chapter.
Mailbox migration options
There are three primary types of migration options:
Cutover migration
Staged migration
Hybrid deployment migration
A cutover migration is a process where all on-premises mailboxes and contents are
migrated as a single batch and is applicable to Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013 with
fewer than 1,000 mailboxes. You must disable directory synchronization if you would like to
do a cutover migration.
A staged migration is a process where a subset of mailboxes and content is migrated in
several batches over time and is applicable only to Exchange 2003 and 2007. A staged
migration is typically the approach if you have more than 1,000 mailboxes. A special
consideration for staged migration is that you need to identify mailboxes that must be in the
same migration batch. The mailboxes of individuals participating in delegate permissions
must be kept together. Therefore, they need to belong to the same batch when you plan a
staged migration.
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