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Staged migration
Figure 12-11 shows an example of a .csv file for a staged migration. This .csv file will cause
the staged migration process to migrate five mailboxes, set the password for the new cloud
mailboxes to NewPa$$word, and require only Anna and Scott to change their password
upon initial logon to their respective cloud mailboxes.
Figure 12-11 Contents of a .csv file for staged migration.
A .csv file is required regardless whether the staged migration is initiated through the
ECP, the EAC, or Windows PowerShell. Furthermore, the .csv file can contain only these
INSIDE OUT Support for non-ASCII characters
If you need to support non-ASCII or special characters in your .csv file, then save it with
UTF-8 encoding.
Staged migration with ECP
Follow these steps to initiate a staged migration using the ECP:
1. Log on to OWA.
2. From the Options menu located at the upper-right corner of the OWA window, select
See All Options, as shown in Figure 12-2.
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