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Basic traffic analysis
Figure 2-15 Basic network diagram.
Using purely hypothetical numbers for illustrative purposes, Figure 2-15 shows an
organization with two branch offices connected to the Exchange server located at headquarters
(called HQ in the figure) through a Local Area Network (LAN), Metropolitan Area Network
(MAN), or some type of point-to-point network connection such as frame relay or fiber.
After collecting traffic information from your network devices, you are able to determine
that 20 percent of the traffic between Branch A is from Outlook communicating with the
Exchange server. For Branch B, that volume is only 5 percent.
You might also have users who are accessing email through the web from outside your
organization using Outlook Web App (OWA), and you determined that 25 percent of your
Internet bandwidth is spent serving OWA access. You might also have a growing number
of users with smartphones, and they are using ActiveSync to check their email. This might
occur even though they are physically in one of the office buildings, which is why it is not
surprising that 30 percent of your Internet bandwidth is spent on ActiveSync connections.
What Figure 2-15 tells us is that 55 percent of your Internet bandwidth is used to connect
to the corporate Exchange server. The 25 percent email traffic from both branch offices is
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