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Staged migration
Figure 12-14 Starting a migration batch.
11. After you have started the migration, you can monitor the process by selecting the
batch migration and looking at the statistics located in the right pane, as shown in
Figure 12-14. The status of the migration, number of mailboxes migrated, and errors
are also listed along with the migration batch.
Staged migration with EAC
Starting a staged migration from the EAC is similar to a cutover migration from the EAC.
Follow these steps to initiate a staged migration from the EAC:
1. Access the Office 365 admin center at .
2. After authentication, click the Admin menu on the upper-right corner of the page
and select Exchange, as shown in Figure 12-5.
3. In the EAC, select recipients on the pane on the left and then select the migration
tab, as shown in Figure 12-6.
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