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Basic traffic analysis
not a factor to your Internet connection because the offices are connected directly to HQ
through other types of connections (LAN/MAN).
Now let us introduce Office 365 and evaluate just the email workload. With Office 365
Exchange Online, we will move mailboxes to Office 365. Figure 2-16 shows how your
network diagram will change to reflect the new environment.
Figure 2-16 Basic network diagram with Office 365 factored in.
Assuming negligible changes in network traffic, with the introduction of Office 365 into the
environment and shifting email workload to the cloud, the ActiveSync and OWA traffic is
now no longer consuming your Internet bandwidth just to get to an on-premises Exchange
server. Therefore, in this example we have offloaded 55 percent (30 percent + 25 percent)
of the previously consumed bandwidth.
However, because Branch A and Branch B users now need to access their mailboxes in
Office 365, their traffic is being passed through your Internet gateway, thereby
consuming 25 percent (20 percent + 5 percent) of the Internet bandwidth, which in this case still
results in a net savings of 35 percent (55 percent - 25 percent) of your Internet bandwidth
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