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IMAP migration
7. The migration wizard will test the connection settings by attempting to connect to
the on-premises mail server with the IMAP protocol. If successful, it will prompt you
for the .csv file.
8. Click the Browse button to navigate to the location and .csv file. Provide a name
for the IMAP migration in the Batch name box. Batch names cannot have spaces or
special characters.
9. Click Add folders to exclude if you do not want to migrate the contents of certain
folders, such as contents in the Deleted Items folder.
10. Type the name of the folder and click the Add button to add the folder to the
exclusion list. Make sure you type the name of the folder exactly as it appears. Repeat
this step until all the folders you want to exclude are added to the list. Click OK.
11. To send copies of the migration report to other administrators, click Browse at the
bottom of the page and add other administrators. Click Next.
12. Exchange Online will check the .csv file to ensure that no errors are detected. If there
are no errors, you will be notified that the .csv file successfully passed the checks.
13. Review the information about the migration batch, and then click Close.
14. The IMAP migration batch should now appear in the list in the ECP E-Mail Migration
window. Select it, and then click Start to initiate the migration.
15. After the migration is completed, change your MX records so that new mail will be
delivered to the cloud mailboxes.
IMAP migration with the EAC
If your organization is using the latest release of Office 365 and would like to use the EAC,
follow these steps to initiate an IMAP migration:
1. Access the Office 365 admin center at .
2. After authentication, click the Admin menu on the upper-right corner of the page
and select Exchange, as shown in Figure 12-05.
3. In the EAC, under recipients, select the migration tab from the main pane, as shown
in Figure 12-6.
4. Select Migrate to Exchange Online. You will be provided with migration options, one
of which is IMAP migration. Select it, and then click next.
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