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Putting it all together
This is different for different organizations because it really depends on your network
utilization, which basic traffic analysis and information gathering should yield. What is
important in this exercise is to illustrate that bandwidth utilization will shift with the introduction
of Office 365, and it might not necessarily mean you must always increase bandwidth
because of Office 365. Due diligence in gathering and documenting the network traffic
information can help you better determine how much traffic is in each segment and where
they would apply after Office 365 is introduced.
Bring your own device (BYOD)
We all have heard of the BYOD phenomenon. Every smartphone requires a data plan
and, in the United States, carriers mandate data plans for subscribers who purchase
smartphones. More and more people are demanding access to corporate email from
their smart phones, and they are very comfortable reading and responding to emails
from the devices. Most of the organizations we work with indicated a dramatic increase
in ActiveSync traffic because of the proliferation of BYOD.
This sample exercise takes into consideration only a single service, which is Exchange
Online. You will have to go through a similar exercise with the other services, SharePoint
Online and Lync Online. Office Professional Plus Subscription is installed on desktops;
therefore, it does not impact your Internet bandwidth. The only time Office Professional
Plus Subscription impacts bandwidth is if you are streaming deployments from Office 365
directly to client computers. However, that typically is temporary traffic as a result of the
deployment and not constant like email traffic. Your enterprise-class Internet connection
might also have a provision for a certain amount of “burstable” bandwidth that would be
very useful in such scenarios.
We will stick with the email scenario for a little longer before proceeding to the bandwidth
requirements analysis for SharePoint Online and Lync Online.
Putting it all together
In finalizing our example, let us put together the information we were able to collect. In the
preceding exercise, we determined that our network speed is 20.86 Mbps down and 3.74
Mbps up.
Let us also assume we are satisfied with the performance of email with our current
onpremises Exchange server, and that is the only workload we are concerned with at this time.
We want to ensure that users will not experience performance degradation with email
when we move to Office 365 Exchange Online.
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