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Microsoft Exchange PST Capture
17. Set the .pst files to a destination mailbox by clicking the Set mailbox link, as shown
in Figure 12-32. A list of mailboxes will be listed in a separate window. Select the
destination mailbox from the list, and then click OK.
Figure 12-32 Setting destination mailbox.
If you recently set the online connection settings (Step 8), the Set Mailbox window
might be empty. This is because the PST Console has not retrieved a list of all the
mailboxes on Exchange Online. Wait for a while, and then try again. Depending on
the number of mailboxes in Office 365, it might take some time.
18. Click the Import All Now button to start importing .pst contents to the respective
destination mailboxes.
Although we did not cover all the settings for the PST Capture Console, you can explore the
different options available, such as setting the staging area, import tolerance, and whether
to import non-mail items such as calendars. Click Tools from the PST Capture Console
menu and select Settings. Next, review the available settings options and configure them to
meet your organization’s needs.
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