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Exchange Online administration user interface
3. Set the domain scope, set the traffic scope, and select the policy’s action, as shown in
Figure 12-42.
Figure 12-42 New FOPE policy.
4. Provide settings for the Expiration date field, if applicable, and determine if you want
to send notifications whenever this rule is triggered.
5. In the Match pane, define the data patterns that would lead to the triggering
of this policy. As you can see, you have the option to match by header, sender, and
recipient IP addresses, domains, or e-mail address, attachment, subject, body, and
message properties.
6. Click Save Policy Rule on the Actions pane to save this policy.
As with the ECP, there are other administrative functions for FOPE that we will let you
explore on your own. This section serves only as an introduction to FOPE administration.
We will now move on to look at the Exchange admin center (EAC).
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