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INSIDE OUT Keyword Query Language
A new capability that is not very well advertised is the Keyword Query Language (KQL).
KQL is a syntax that allows you to conduct proximity searches. The following is an
example of KQL syntax:
“acquisition” NEAR(n=3) “debt”
The preceding KQL syntax allows you to search for content that has the word acquisition
located a maximum distance of three words from the word debt . Search the Internet for
other KQL syntax examples.
Creating holds
You can create and apply multiple holds to the entire organization (all mailboxes), to
specific individuals, or to distribution groups. If an email is subject to multiple holds, as long as
any of the hold remains applicable to the email, then its contents will be preserved and is
You can create time-based holds and criteria-based holds on the compliance management
page of the EAC, as shown in Figure 12-47.
Figure 12-47 Creating In-Place Holds through the EAC.
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