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Multi-mailbox search (eDiscovery)
6. On the Search query page, select Include all user mailbox content. This enforces the
preservation of all email, regardless of content. Click next.
7. On the In-Place Hold settings page, select Place content matching the search query
in selected mailboxes on hold. Select the Specify number of days to hold items
relative to their received date option. Type 180 in the text box, and then click finish.
You have now implemented an organization-wide, time-based hold. In the event that you
need to create a new hold based on criteria rather than time, you will perform the same
preceding steps to create a new hold with one difference: instead of selecting Include all
user mailbox content in Step 6, select Filter based on criteria and use keywords, Boolean
logic, KQL, and the other settings to define your criteria-based search.
Multi-mailbox search (eDiscovery)
Multi-mailbox search enables you to search mailboxes for items that meet your criteria. The
results of a multi-mailbox search are stored in a special type of mailbox called the Discovery
mailbox. Each tenant is provisioned with a single Discovery mailbox, but you can create
additional Discovery mailboxes. Furthermore, each Discovery mailbox is limited to 50 GB.
INSIDE OUT Concurrent searches
It is not stated explicitly in the Service Description, but you are limited to two
concurrent multi-mailbox searches. If you have the need for multiple concurrent searches, you
can submit a request to Microsoft Online Support with a business case for the need to
temporarily increase this limit.
An alternate option is to create all the required eDiscovery searches, and then write a
Windows PowerShell script that checks the status of each search request and attempts
to start it if the status of the search is Failed because two other searches are already
running. We created a script and had it run every few minutes. The Windows PowerShell
script to check the status of the search and attempt to start it is the following:
if((Get-MailboxSearch “<search job name>”) status –eq “Failed”
Start-MailboxSearch –identity “<search job name>” –Force }
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